About Iaki

Colombian born and Melbourne based singer-songwriter, Iaki Vallejo, mixes Afro-Colombian
traditions with jazz, soul, salsa, afro-beat, funk, neo-soul and reggae to bring a message of unity
and peace through her music and lyrics. In 2016 her message of unity and integration led to the
International Peace Federation awarding her a “Peace Award”. In 1992 she won the Best Song
and Performance Award at the Colombian Festival del Pasillo in Aguadas. In 2009, her warm and
powerful voice earned her “Best Voice of Melbourne”. Most recently she was nominated for “Best
Intercultural Act ” in the 2019 Music Victoria Awards.

A singer from the age of 12, Iaki was an early performer in the festivals of Tuluá, her hometown in
Colombia. She studied music at Instituto Popular de Cultura (College of the Performing Arts) in Cali
after which she attended Universidad del Valle (Valle University).

Now in Australia she regularly advances her skills by pursuing lessons with noted teachers such as
Cosimo Ciccone, Sharny Russell and Michelle Nicolle.

Iaki’s pursuit of music has taken her all over the world. Her international career has developed in
South America, Europe and Australia. In 2000 she moved to Rome. While there she collaborated
with renowned Italian Jazz pianist Arturo Valiante. In 2008 Iaki relocated to Melbourne and formed
the Iaki Vallejo Quintet. Iaki began recording her debut self-titled solo album in 2013. This was an
ambitious international project with two tracks co-produced by Jazz drummer David Jones,
sessions in Melbourne, Australia and Cali, Colombia and a sold-out launch at Bennett’s Lane in
2016. In mid-2019 Iaki launched a follow up EP “Yo Soy” (I Am). This EP was also recorded in
both Australia and Colombia with a launch at Bird’s Basement.

Now in 2020 she is embarking on an exciting new collaboration in pursuit of new styles, new
audiences and new ideas while continuing to promote unity, integration and inclusion.