Open Studio

Sunday -
8pm - 11pm
Open Studio
204 High st, Northcote

Iaki melds Latin and western musical idioms as a homage to Melbourne and her homeland Colombia.

Her debut album reflects iaki’s complex musical history with its roots in Colombia, a decade in Italy and Spain and now, Melbourne.

Iaki’s has musical pedigree, her family passing down a rich Afro-Colombian tradition of cumbia, chande, and bullerengue, sounds that are rusted on funk and soul-jazz powered by some of Melbourne’s best Latin Jazz musicians. Charisma and power are key words to describe iaki’s stage presence and performance. Her strong energy and voice combined with her sensual dancing are sure to get everyone dancing and engaged with her music. latin music is a world unto itself and iaki performance are the perfect gateway to this rich musical world bringing a sense of fun, a dash of drama and vibration of sensuality.